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How You Like Meow? (Remix) (Digital Download)

How You Like Meow? (Remix) (Digital Download)

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Step into the alleyways of swagger with "How You Like Meow? (Remix)," a track that's got more attitude than a feline with a fresh catnip toy. MC Random, Gutter Cat Gang, and Spottie WiFi team up to deliver a tune that's equal parts gritty and slick, purring with self-assured rhymes and a beat that struts down the street with its tail held high. This song is a celebration of street smarts and feline finesse, where the artists boast about their riches and charm, all while keeping it cooler than a cat lounging in the shade.

The mood is infectious and the message is clear: these cats are on top of their game and they know it. With clever wordplay that nods to their lavish lifestyles – think jewels, crypto, and exclusive parties – the artists weave a tale of urban cat kings ruling the concrete jungle. They're not just surviving; they're thriving, setting the standard for the cool cats out there. "How You Like Meow? (Remix)" is a cheeky, confident anthem that's perfect for anyone looking to puff up their chest and step out with some serious cattitude. Whether you're cruising in your Cadillac or just chilling with your crew, this track is sure to have you feeling like the slickest kitty on the block.

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