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Thinking About (F$P Remix) (Digital Download)

Thinking About (F$P Remix) (Digital Download)

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"Thinking About (F$P Remix)" is a vibrant and introspective track that captures the essence of reminiscence and daydreaming, brought to life by the soulful Leah Vee and the lyrical prowess of MC Random. With its smooth blend of reflective lyrics and a catchy, upbeat rhythm, this song invites listeners into a world of contemplation and self-discovery. The mood is a cocktail of optimism and nostalgia, as it weaves through memories of past Saturdays, the surprise of new love, and the personal rituals that keep us grounded, like yoga and self-care.

The song's narrative unfolds with a laid-back charm, painting pictures of morning sunrises and the simple pleasures of life, like freshly painted nails and the pursuit of good vibes. MC Random's verses add a layer of depth, touching on the longing for connection and the little moments that make a relationship special—sharing laughter, intimate glances, and the excitement of being close to someone you care for deeply. With a chorus that hooks you with its infectious "7-7-7" mantra, symbolizing luck and a breath of fresh air, "Thinking About (F$P Remix)" is a sonic journey through the highs of love and life, leaving listeners feeling uplifted and ready to find their own moments of joy and tender loving care.

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